UV protection
How do you enjoy these hot and days?
Some of you are at home and work, some may enjoy the first swim, some will spend these wonderful days at the beach.

If you do spend this wonderful time outside, remember to use some protection against UV rays, as they might damage your skin and health!

Did you know, just like human skin, any kind of surface may be damaged by UV rays?

So ensure that in the sunny part of your room you keep objects that won’t be damaged from the sun. The one of great benefits of SILK PLASTER wall covering material is that it is light-resistant and won’t get affected by the sun that fast!
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Die Farbe des Jahres
Color of year 2020 - Blue
Each year the Institute of Pantone announces the Pantone colour of the year. And this year it's time for Classic Blue.
Not only classic blue, but also other shades of Blue are new black.

Did you know that Blue is not only the color of sky and sea, but it's also beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect.

Ready for some blue tones in your interior? We have some trendy shades in our SILK PLASTER catalogue as well!
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Nature friendly material
SILK PLASTER liquid wall covering material has no scent, it is nature friendly and lets your walls breathe.

Your home won’t be filled with any nasty chemical smells, and can safely be used in children’s bedrooms and all areas of your home.

Even if in case of a fire, this decorative plaster doesn't emit any noxious chemicals. In case of a flood, liquid wallpaper is easily repaired. It simply dries by itself, and it doesn’t leave traces from leakages.
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Spring colors
Spring is around the corner!
What are your springtime associations? Are those first blooming flowers, animals that awaken, singing birds in the mornings or the smell of spring air?
Each of us has our own special associations. We have chosen the sweet scent of daffodils and the colors that appear in nature when springtime arrives!

Tones used in this palette from SILK PLASTER collection East 954, 958, 953, 955
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Safety on first place
Are you protecting yourself and others during this time?  We are! We follow all the safety measures to keep ourselves and others around us safe!

During the current situation, we are carrying out the following measures:
We work from home, if possible;
We are keeping our distance between us, at least 2m away from each other;
We are not using public transportation;
We wear gloves at our workplace;
We only drink our own drink, from our own bottles;
At the end of each working day we use a cleaning wipe on all handles, surfaces, etc.;
We don’t walk around the office place, except to use WC;
We inform each other if feeling unwell or developing other symptoms, like fever or cough;
We expect you to inform us if you feel unwell or have been in close contact with an infected person or recently traveled to an area with widespread COVID-19;
We are keeping a very small, trusted social circle and are following all guidelines set by the government.

We are really doing our best, to keep everyone safe! So we hope you are doing the same!
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About price
Is covering walls with SILK PLASTER expensive?

Ofcourse, it depends on how big is the space you want to cover - factory or your 3-room apartment. In general, SILK PLASTER offers wide range of structures, colours and collections, so the price range varies depending on your choice of SILK PLASTER products!

With SILK PLASTER you can make modern, jet budget-friendly interior or go over horizons and make super classy and luxurious interior.
Browse our product catalogue and find product that fits your needs and wallet best
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Great inspiration for your kids' room ✨ Why choose SILK PLASTER for your children's room? Because liquid wall covering material is nature and child friendly. It is ecological and hypoallergenic.
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Time for you!
Be patient during this time
Use this time to listen to your inner voice and do something good for yourself that you did not have time for before.

Patience is not the ability to wait. Patience is to be calm no matter what happens, constantly take action to turn it to positive growth opportunities and have faith to believe that it will all work out in the end while you are waiting.

/Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart/

SILK PLASTER shade used in this interior Relief 330

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What a fantastic color!
Would you add this color to your interior? Well, someone did. And it looks amazing.

Don't be afraid to experiment with SILK PLASTER, because if you don't like the outcome, you can always remove the coating and apply another color. It is fast and simple. Plus, you can re-use the removed material and use it somewhere else later on.

The color used in this interior Art Design 254
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DIY radiator tube
Perfect DIY example for your home! Radiator tube covered with SILK PLASTER. Did you know, that with liquid wall covering material you can not only cover your walls but any kind of properly prepared surfaces, to match them to your interior? And it is a great material for your interior DIY projects.

Here is why:
it is easy and fun to apply;
you can experiment with different kind of creative ideas;
you can easily remove and re-apply it if you don’t like the outcome.
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Colorful wall decor
Colorful wall decor inspiration for you!
Useful tip - you can use different colors on your walls to divide the parts of your room
This wonderful wall design was created using SILK PLASTER South collection in shades 941, 942, and 944.
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Idea for you!
Together we can do great things!

It is really easy to add some motivational quotes and other cut-out look elements to your wall using SILK PLASTER.
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